So, you want to be your own boss, eh? Time to jump ship and take the helm! YEAH! I feel ya, bossman, or woman. Get those ruby red shoes on and walk that yellow brick road like the captain of your dreams! Unless you’re an Alpha male, then the ruby slippers might not set the right tone.

Come on!  Time to set the world on fire and live the dream!

But, before you go leaping like chocolate fireman into a blazing fire, a gander at the pros and cons might be a good idea. Cause, that’s what a proper boss would do, right? That’s right.

The Good, the Bad and the (don’t worry you’re not ugly) Truth

Hello big shot decision maker! Yes, I’m talking to you!

That’s what happens when you’re the boss. You get the chance to make all the decisions: where to put your money, when to act on your impulses and the ability to forge new directions without having to ask anyone else. Oh yes, breathe in that smell of sweet liberty and feel the rushing high…

You are the driver at the wheel and there’s a sense of safety in that, in some respects, because we all feel better driving ourselves than being driven by A.N. Other. There’s also a great sense of freedom in being able to go where you want to go without cutting through endless red tape.

However, sometimes not having someone to fall back on or a team of individuals to help denudate a problem or difficult project can be quite stressful. Whilst you have the leeway of the highway, you don’t want to lose control of your wagon. Remember to stay balanced in your focus and look at everything from various view points. Invest in business gurus and networking companions to sound off against.

I’m on flexitime, darling!

Perhaps you hate mornings with a passion and prefer to work through the evening. Or, you may want the flexibility of meeting a friend or taking time out for the gym without having to go at the crack of dawn. That’s the good thing about being your own boss – you can set your own hours. So long as the job is done in the given time, then it’s your call.

The possible downside to this is that you do not want to breed procrastination and lose your mojo. It’s very easy to start taking liberties with your time and convincing yourself that you can catch up mañana. Get a grip. Structure is necessary to business and the business mentality. Plus, the demands your customers make or the level of input they expect may mean you spend more hours working now than you did before. This is where you find out that actually, your customers are in reality, are the boss of you.

A state of the art PC, a leather swivel chair and a designer coffee machine.

Your Office Set up Matters boss Floss, Gloss and Act Like a Boss! your office set up matters

That’s right. Whatever you want. No more wobbly office chairs with missing wheels. No more cramped cubicle conditions. No more dodgy internet and bans from social media and no more baked to death, filter coffee akin to an overused mud bath. Your set up can be just as you like it and built to facilitate your whims.

But, remember this is an office environment that is a means to an end and not a swanky pad kit out to distract you. Also, make sure you don’t overspend on aesthetics to look good when that money could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Bora Bora or Cleethorpes?

I’m sorry, is that a real choice?  *bursts out laughing*

Going it alone means that you have the option to work where you want to. If you don’t have to be in Cleethorpes and can pound it out just as effectively in Bora Bora then do it! To a lesser extreme, If you’ve always wanted to live in another town then here’s your chance to make that move.

But remember where your target market resides and where you may have to go to get to network events or meetings. Being across the other side of the world from your mainstay market can cause complications. The whole situation depends largely on your businesses role in the market place. If you are able to work from anywhere, then that luxury is yours, but don’t get distracted by white sands, Pina Coladas and parties on yachts. Maybe better to remain in Cleethorpes and stay inside working like a demon as you watch the grey, wet Wednesday morning unfold outside your window.

NB: No disrespect to Cleethorponians but, come on…

Freedom from tyranny and despicable despots!

One of the biggest benefits of being your own boss is the freedom you have to get the ball rolling on certain projects. As a cog in a multi-level corporate company you can often miss an opportunity whilst waiting for the powers that be to make decisions. No more office politics, puritanical jobsworth’s or bureaucracy can stop you now. Proceed to win with immediate effect!

The downside is that the risk is yours. Whatever you decide to do could be your making or failing. That adds a lot of pressure as well as it offers freedom.  Try to remain balanced in your thinking despite the temptation to go all Gung-ho!

Take it to the limit one more time.

Take it to the Limit One More Time boss Floss, Gloss and Act Like a Boss! take it to the limit one more time

Play that tune in your car as you drive to work and feel the power. Take it to the limit – you can do this. No more set boundaries and curtailed avenues, no Siree. The only limits are the one’s that you set yourself. Utilise your experience to the maximum and bring along others who add to your melting pot of excellence. An endless pushing of the boundaries means that some of them break to your advantage.

But, don’t go so far that you lose direction and fall off the edge. Corporations have boundaries and rules for a reason; they’ve been tried and tested and learnt the hard way. As you push forward always be aware of what may fall by the wayside.

In essence, it’s all about balance. So as the scales of reason on this post, I will leave you with these wise words:

Relish in your freedom but respect it. Push to make breakthroughs but don’t burn your bridges.  Power yourself and your people but not to the point you run out of steam. Spend cleverly – accumulate wisely.  Go to the Ukandoo Academy  – We’re waiting to help.

Jules Smith

Jules Smith

Author, Writer, Storyteller

Jules has an eclectic and colourful history creating stories, writing, articles, blogs, and art philosophy.

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