So, how are you going to entertain me?

You’ve decided to start your own blog and now you’re stumped on what to actually blog about. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to blogging. While you can talk about almost anything and everything, the general consensus is that this is not the best way to go about it.

In the general sense, people turn to blogs to either solve a problem or issue and there are some who use them for purely recreational reading. Most people however, at some point in time, turn to blogs to find specific information. Oh yes, now there’s a useful nugget of info for you.

Typically, most blog readers will find your blog by looking for answers to a question on Google, or, accidentally stumbling across it after one too many clicks on intriguing and beguiling tags and headlines. In any case, your blog would stand a better chance of being successful if it offered specific content tailored around a definitive idea or topic. Carving out a place in cyberspace allows one to narrow down on a target audience and most importantly, keep them returning.

How do you choose an appropriate theme that will fit in with your interests?

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Find your passion

Some people will argue that this is easier said than done. However, there are ways to narrow down your interests from things that temporarily enthrall you. For instance, some things seem to “stick” more than others. Interests that last for more than a season or a couple of years are worth exploring. Blogging about things that you love, are passionate about or that make you money ensure that you remain committed to the project and bring an authenticity and sincerity to your writing that the reader can pick up on. This fosters a kinship between the reader and author through identification and a series of shared emotions and experiences. You will also be less likely at a loss for words when the topic is something you care about.

Finding your “thing” can prove challenging if you’re an all-rounder without any specific interests. However, there are always those exceptional activities that are more important and take greater precedence than others. Some self-reflection is essential here. You will need to assess your lifestyle, what you prefer doing in your free time, which subjects you like discussing and topics you could rattle on about like an intoxicated bar dweller.

Tapping into the market

It’s important to keep in mind that there are literally millions of blogs around and from those millions, there are probably thousands that have a similar theme or views as yours. The challenge is to be dynamic enough to give your blog a creative edge. Ask yourself what can you do to make it different. Often the answers aren’t gargantuan changes that one needs to make and only require subtle additions or changes to be deemed unique.

For instance, you could change your target audience to accommodate rookies in a specific industry, i.e. people requiring information, as opposed to professionals who don’t need additional information that much. In any case, the needs of every market should be identified before they can be catered to and it will help to explore different ideas before delving into a subject that you might find yourself abandoning after a short period of time. Do your research before committing to anything.

Dominating your prey

In any blog, as with a business, being dynamic and creative helps in staying ahead. Sometimes this may include pushing boundaries and taking risks with your content and audience, hoping it pays off. The key is to not only try to be different, but to stay different. This will require keeping up to date with current trends in the blogosphere and on the internet as well. In light of this, it is evident that the themes and ideas you choose to blog about have to be somewhat sustainable. To ensure a successful blog, it is incumbent that the chosen theme has longevity in the heart and mind of the author, and not only on the Internet. In other words, you need to believe in what you’re writing, for others to engage and believe in it too.

The most successful blogs are often born from sincere endeavors, or heartfelt initiatives, where the author is thoroughly invested in the idea or product. This genuine, unadulterated approach can be felt by the audience and is generally appealing as honesty and unpretentiousness are seen as indicators of legitimacy and trustworthiness.

In conclusion, introspection and analysis are necessary if you’re stumped when it comes to choosing a specific topic for your blog. Asking detailed questions and answering them honestly is one step closer to finding what works with your lifestyle and developing your niche market.

Jules Smith

Jules Smith

Author, Writer, Storyteller

Jules has an eclectic and colourful history creating stories, writing, articles, blogs, and art philosophy.

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